When you browse the produce section of a typical grocery store, you’ll find that much of the food we eat is not sourced from local farmers, but typically travels from all corners of the world. The process of transporting all our food over great distances is very fossil fuel intensive. Consuming food of local origin is not only beneficial to the consumer but also to the local economy and environment.


Here are some of the specific actions CEC is taking. We invite you to learn more and get involved.

Santa Barbara County Food Action Plan

CEC is partnering with Santa Barbara County Foodbank, Santa Barbara Foundation, and the Orfalea Foundation to create a strategy-based community “blueprint” for a thriving and accessible food system. Learn more about the Santa Barbara County Food Action Plan by clicking here or visiting sbcfoodaction.org. If you have ideas about the Food Action Plan, please share them by filling out this eight-question community survey.

Food Waste Reduction

As part of our work on the Food Action Plan, CEC held a Food Waste Roundtable, inviting stakeholders from various sectors to have a dialogue about food waste and its impact on our society. See our slideshow from this event.

This discussion and other research into food waste compelled us to publish our latest white paper, Rebalancing the Food Waste Equation: A Case Study for Santa Barbara, which investigates causes and solutions to the large amount of food wasted in our county.