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  • Trade in disposable straws for reusable. Final Straw is a portable straw in a cool case. And since the company just relocated to Santa Barbara, you can buy local and help save a sea turtle.
  • Bring your film plastic to CEC. We have partnered with Ablitt’s Fine Cleaners and SB Channelkeeper to collect film plastic (see accepted list here) so it can be made into home products like decks and benches.
  • Pledge to reduce bottled water consumption. You’ll save plastic waste and money! If you drink eight glasses of water a day, you’ll pay $1,800 for that amount of bottled water per year. Compare that to filtered pitcher at $69.35 per year or tap water at just $0.49.
  • Show your support for the reduction of all single-use plastics by adding your name here. The world is waking up to the need to protect our oceans, beaches, marine life and human health by reducing distribution of single use plastic items like food containers, straws, stirrers, cups and lids. Our region needs to join the countries of the European Union and Canada, states like Maine and Vermont, and other California cities like Berkeley, Santa Monica, Manhattan Beach and Palo Alto in drastic reduction of plastic—and soon.


Almost every product and service we rely on today is manufactured with and transported by fossil fuels.

However, as we strive to become a fossil free community, we have the power to choose eco-smart products that use fewer fossil fuels. When we opt for locally grown food, limited plastic packaging, and energy smart products, we not only reduce our carbon footprint, we support environmentally conscious businesses and our own local economy. We also have the power to reduce our impact even further by consuming less — and quite possibly enjoying our occasional purchases more.


Here are some of the specific actions CEC is taking that you can act on too.

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