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CEC is committed to creating a more resilient and just region in the face of climate change. Through our work with the Central Coast Climate Justice Network and elsewhere, our vision includes an end to racial injustices and their resulting environmental inequities.


  • Want to get 120 mpg equivalent with zero tailpipe emissions? There are now over 40 models of electric or plug-in hybrid cars, SUVs and minivans on the market. Learn how to get incentives that can make driving electric more affordable than burning oil with ElectricDrive805.
  • Want to get electric vehicle charging stations at your work, condo or apartment complex? Reach out to your employer or property manager to advocate for charging stations. SCE’S Charge Ready and PG&E’s EV Charge are programs that pay for most of the costs!  
  • Driving an EV cuts greenhouse gas emissions by 75% per mile, but powering it with sunshine is even better (and surprisingly affordable). See CEC’s blog to learn how your neighbors are Driving on Sunshine.


The cars and trucks on our roads are the largest source of pollution in California and about 50% of the energy used in our county goes to move people and goods. How we get around is likely the largest environmental choice we make each day. CEC’s vision is to make a rapid transition to a zero-emission transportation system that ends our dependence on fossil fuel, reduces climate impacts, and helps us build better communities.

Transitioning to more efficient electric vehicles and using renewable energy to charge these vehicles are central components of CEC’s plan to move the Santa Barbara region away from fossil fuels in one generation. We need to ensure that clean, zero-emission transportation options are truly accessible for our region’s low-income communities of color, rural households, and indigenous people.

The Greenlining Institute’s Clean Mobility Equity Framework guides our coalition building and action. Past transportation improvements have put up barriers, divided communities, and amplified racial inequalities. We embrace electric vehicle investments and policy actions that prioritize the mobility needs of low-income communities of color, improve their access to clean mobility options, and address the history of structural racism they have experienced.


We are leading the transition to electric vehicles, so our region can help meet California’s goal for 5 million zero-emission vehicles on state roads by 2030 – with equitable clean mobility options at the center. Here are some of the specific actions CEC is taking. We invite you to learn more and get involved.

Electric Drive 805

CEC coordinates and facilitates the Electric Drive 805 coalition ElectricDrive805 is a network of partners that is dedicated to achieving a rapid transition to electric vehicles in the 805 region. Learn more at ElectricDrive805.

Building Charging Stations

CEC and its partners are working to bring more electric vehicle charging stations to the Central Coast. To date, we have helped bring over 1,000 charging stations to our region. We are committed to bringing more publicly-accessible EV charging stations to low-income communities of color in our region, so we can do our part to end the systemic underinvestment in clean transportation improvements for low-income communities of color across the United States. We helped the City of Ventura Housing Authority bring charging stations to one of the affordable housing developments in 2019, and are focused on expanding access to EV charging stations at multifamily housing developments in low-income communities of color. Find charging stations and learn how you can get involved.

Getting Local Government and Businesses On Board

CEC worked with Southern California Edison to introduce government officials, businesses and community leaders to the challenges and opportunities our region is facing as drivers begin to transition toward electric vehicles. CEC and partners are now working with local businesses and cities to streamline EV charging station permitting, develop EV friendly policies and make sure new construction and major renovations are “plug-in ready”.

Driving on Sunshine

Studies find that over 39% of electric vehicle drivers in California power their homes, and their cars, with solar. Learn about Driving on Sunshine. Additionally, CEC’s Solarize Programs can help you install solar panels to power your home or business and your electric vehicle with the sun.

EV Outreach and Education

CEC hosts three Green Car Shows each year to help educate and expose Central Coast residents to the latest in renewable energy transportation. We also hold EV workshops and webinars to help people learn about and transition into EVs. We are working to expand our Spanish-language education and outreach, so we can remove language barriers that impede equitable access to information about EVs, charging stations, and financial incentives for EV adoption. Learn more about our green car shows and watch our latest EV 101 webinar.

Drive Clean Resources & Blog

Moving toward a clean energy future will require new modes of transportation, and we’re working to help you make the transition with fact sheets, Get Started Guides, and stories of others who have made the switch to an electric car. Click on any of the links below to explore these resources.

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