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Green Gala 2014

We returned to The Lark on Friday, September 26 for our 2014 Green Gala.

Green Gala 2013

We celebrated our 2013 Green Gala at The Lark on Friday, October 4. We were the first close-out event at The Lark and they had opened just six weeks earlier. The newly paved parking lot was transformed into a beautiful dining space, giving the party a ‘pop-up’ feel.

Guests were welcomed by Green Greeters as they entered The Lark’s beautiful patio and bar space and enjoyed a signature cocktail, beer, wine and delicious appetizers. Rick Mokler and Nancy Nufer led a talented group of actors who provided entertainment throughout the evening, including a catchy tune written just for CEC. Guests took photos in Posers’ fun booth and bid on silent auction items featuring local experiences and goods. The Lark served an incredible family style dinner – people are still talking about the kale salad and phenomenal chicken. Local DJ Mike Ober spun tunes in the private dining room to close out this memorable evening.

Green Gala 2012

We celebrated our 2012 Green Gala at The Armory in Santa Barbara on Friday, October 6. We partnered with the award-winning Merryl Brown Events for another fabulous evening. The site was transformed into a stunning, green space filled with wildly costumed performance artists, Green Greeters and a feast for the senses.

Guests were welcomed by airbrushed Green Greeters and stilt walkers as they made their way through the beautiful room filled with trees hung with moss and dripping with LED lights. A Green Glam bar featured henna artists, leafy accessories, and palm readers, and guests bid in a carefully curated silent auction and enjoyed local and organic food and drinks. hroughout the night, rock star LA DJ Derek Montiero spun his amazing mix of dance music in the Rhythm Cave™– a “room” created out of LED screens that surround the dance floor with amazing images from nature, taking dancers from the middle of a forest, to underwater kelp beds, to a windswept mountain top.

Green Gala 2011

We celebrated our 2011 Green Gala at The Armory in Santa Barbara on Friday, October 7. We partnered with the award-winning Merryl Brown Events for another fabulous evening. The event was the sole finalist for the ISES Esprit Awards Best Green Solution.

We enjoyed a spectacular Gypsy Village, complete with fortune tellers and tarot card readers, here to foretell the future for CEC supporters and ignite a collective vision for the community. The exotic encampment featured beautiful gypsy servers bearing organic wines and decadent specialty drinks and a locally-sourced dinner from famed Full of Life Flatbread. After dinner, we enjoyed Green Star Coffee, a brief auction, and the talented Tina Schlieske and the Graceland Exiles who rocked the house under a fiery sky.

A huge thank you to all our volunteers and guests for helping us make this event a memorable one.

In 2010 and 2011, 97% of the total waste generated by the Green Gala was recycled and/or composted. The remaining 3% trash resulted in large part out of the necessity to package delivered food. These numbers far exceed waste management practices of any standard event and are exemplary even for an event striving to be considered “zero waste.”


Green Gala 2010

We celebrated the Community Environmental Council’s 40th Anniversary with our Green Gala on Friday, October 8, 2010 at Fess Parker’s DoubleTree Resort.

The party for the planet began as guests entered a tree-filled enchanted Celtic forest, replete with wood nymphs, fairies and satyrs. Guests made their way down the moss-filled path to the clearing in the woods, where fairy elixirs awaited and the music of Palmer Jackson, Jr., Cord Pereira and John Simpson enchanted. A fabulous dinner inspired by local farmers and vintners followed, with over the top, decadent desserts. Guests received Greenpoint raffle tickets for all that they are doing to become fossil-free — with the winners collecting elegant, fabulous gifts. CEC’s Green Gala was also proud to present Kenny Loggins performing “We Can Run” with the Santa Barbara High School Madgrials.

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Green Gala 2009

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As featured in Scene & Heard Magazine, the Montecito Journal, and the Santa Barbara News-Press

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