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Lee Works To Reduce Her Impact In Many Ways

My biggest effort to reduce my carbon foot print came a few years ago when I had solar panels installed on the roof of my house. I have combined them with as frugal a use of energy as I can. I only keep on a light in the room I am occupying; try to unplug appliances when not in use; have installed compact fluorescent bulbs in every room; and use minimal amounts of electricity consuming things like hot water (thus, I do all my laundry in cold water washes).

Another big conservation bit involves trading in my small SUV for a Prius, which I did 2+ years ago. The final big bit I’ve done is to reduce my airline travel. I have a house in New Zealand that I used to visit twice a year; I’ve cut that by half, because air travel is such a carbon-producer. It’s hard not to be able to go, but worth it for the environmental savings.

— Lee Heller (Santa Barbara)

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