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Refrigerator Recycling Pays Off

Refrigerators and freezers consume about one-sixth of all electricity in a typical American home1, making them the most energy-consuming household appliance. If you are looking to cut down on your energy costs this year you may want to consider discarding your spare, working refrigerator or upgrading your existing one to a more energy-efficient model. 

On Saturday, January 26 and Sunday, January 27 the South County Energy Efficiency Partnership (SCEEP) is hosting a free refrigerator pick-up day. Sponsored by SCEEP, Southern California Edison’s (SCE) Refrigerator & Freezer Recycling Program provides South County residents in SCE’s service area with an easy way to make a difference in their carbon footprint and their pocketbooks.

Disposing of an old fridge or freezer yourself can be costly and time-consuming. Not only is the pickup free but you can rest assured that old appliances are dismantled at a recycling center, where the metals and refrigerants are removed in an environmentally-safe manner. 

In addition to picking up old, working units and recycling them, SCE will also pay $35 for a refrigerator and $35 for a freezer (limit two units per qualifying customer). That’s a great bonus on top of the $180 per year you’ll save by disposing of your spare unit, or $105 you’ll save from replacing it with an energy-efficient model2

To participate in the pick-up, residents and businesses simply schedule an appointment and SCE will visit the qualifying location to haul away the old refrigerator or freezer. Participants will then receive a $35 check in the mail. To qualify, refrigerators or freezers must be in working (e.g. cooling) order and between 10 and 32 cubic feet, located at a valid SCE billing address within the SCE territory. Pickup is limited to two refrigerators or freezers per location per year. 

SCEEP is a partnership of Southern California Edison, Southern California Gas Company, the cities of Carpinteria, Goleta, Santa Barbara, and the County of Santa Barbara.The pick-up day is one of many SCE programs hosted by the South County Energy Efficiency Partnership to help the region shift toward more energy-efficient technologies.

Customers who cannot participate on that day can arrange a pickup and receive their incentive by calling 800-234-9722 or by visiting the Southern California Edison website.

For more information on the program, visit or call 800-234-9722.



1.California Energy Commission
2. Estimated electricity cost savings are based on average consumer usage and are not a guarantee of actual savings. Southern California Edison

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