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Community Choice Action Needed Now

  • City of Santa Maria – City Council will consider joining MBCP at a critical meeting on Tuesday, August 20. This is very important, as there’s a chance Santa Maria may not join a Community Choice program. If you live in North County – especially the City of Santa Maria – please email the Santa Maria City Council or attend the hearing.
  • City of Carpinteria – Expected to vote to join MBCP on August 26. If you live in Carpinteria, please email the Carpinteria City Council or attend the hearing.
  • Cities of Solvang and Buellton – These cities have NOT indicated an interest in joining MBCP. If you live in either city, please email Solvang City Council and Buellton City Council or attend public comment at the next council meeting to advocate for Community Choice.

For more information on supporting any of the upcoming votes, email CEC’s Director of Climate and Energy Programs Michael Chiacos at [email protected].

Over Ten Years of Advocacy Pays Off

July 16 was a momentous day for Community Choice Energy locally. The County of Santa Barbara voted 4-1 to move forward with joining Monterey Bay Community Power (MBCP), and the City of Goleta directed staff to move forward in August with joining MBCP. At the County hearing, Supervisor Joan Hartmann called out CEC’s work as she seconded Supervisor Das Williams’ motion to join the Monterey organization, in a nod to CEC’s advocacy on this issue for over a decade. Since then, the City of Guadalupe voted to join MBCP.

The City of Santa Barbara has also voted to move forward with Community Choice Energy, but instead of joining an existing program, they plan to develop their own city-wide program. This will allow the city greater control of local energy, a potentially faster start date, and opportunities to enhance infrastructure resilience. Read the news article here.

CEC sees Community Choice as the single most effective program that could be launched to dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It will also enable our region to access programs that reduce the cost of electric vehicles, develop renewable energy microgrids, build local solar projects, increase energy efficiency, and more – leading area residents and businesses to more rapidly adopt clean energy technologies.

CEC’s Director of Energy and Climate Programs Michael Chiacos, CEC President Council Member Diane Boss, Jefferson Litten, Michelle Sevilla, and Bob Perry celebrate the vote to join Monterey Bay Community Power.

A Strong Community Choice Provider

Monterey Bay Community Power will likely rebrand to reflect the Central Coast and the communities it will serve across five counties, from Santa Barbara to Santa Cruz. This program has strong financials and is already offering clean energy programs, while also spurring new development of significant solar and storage projects in California.

Other Local Community Choice Progress

The City of Carpinteria is also moving forward with Community Choice, and had an information session in mid-July with a vote to follow in August. Carpinteria will likely join the County and Goleta in moving forward with Monterey Bay Community Power.

What You Can Do Now

  • Send letters of thanks to the Board Supervisors for supporting Community Choice Energy. Find their emails here.
  • Advocate for Community Choice in one of the upcoming meetings. Email CEC’s Director of Energy and Climate Programs Michael Chiacos at [email protected], and he will update you as these meetings are scheduled.

Thank you for your ongoing support!
We did it!

Lisa Hill

Lisa is a strategic marketing consultant who has worked with CEC since 2014. Lisa received her BA in Studio Art and Art History from Dartmouth College.
Lisa Hill

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