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Take Action! Help More Communities Move to Community Choice Energy

Updated Alert: On July 16, 2019, the County of Santa Barbara voted 4-1 to move forward with joining Monterey Bay Community Power, and the City of Goleta directed staff to move forward in August. CEC's advocacy continues with an upcoming CCE vote in August at the City of Carpinteria, and with efforts in Santa Barbara City to develop a city-only Community Choice Energy program.
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Past Alerts

Ready for 100% - Santa Barbara and Goleta

Updated Alert: City of SB to go 100% Renewable by 2030 #readyfor100

Original Alert: Support a goal of 100% renewable energy in Santa Barbara City by sending a letter to city officials and attending the community hearing.

Result: Over 1,200 signatures were gathered, and citizens turned out in record numbers to show support for renewable energy, filling Santa Barbara City Council's chambers, overflow room, and even the balcony. In a 5-1 vote, the council committed to setting a goal of achieving 100% renewable energy by 2030.

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Santa Barbara County Energy Choice

Updated Alert: Add Your Name NOW To Support Clean Energy

Original Alert: Urge the Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors to support Community Choice Energy by voting in the remaining budget for a feasibility study.

Result: 130 people took action and showed their support for clean energy.

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Updated Alert: Cuyama Solar Project

Original Alert:The Cuyama Solar Project proposes to convert 327 acres of previously disturbed, over-drafted farmland in the Cuyama Valley into a solar facility that will generate enough power for 16,000 California homes and avoid the emissions of 30,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually. Show your support by testifying before the Planning Committee.

Result: 62 people took action and showed their support for clean energy.

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Updated Alert: No on AB 2145

Original Alert:The California Senate Energy Committee was considering Assembly Bill (AB) 2145. The proposed legislation thwarts California’s environmental goals, infringes upon local government decision-making, and will effectively destroy the future of Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) in the state of California.

Result: 195 people took action and spoke out against AB 2145. The bill is currently in committee. We will update this as new information becomes available.

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SB-riviera skyline cropped

Updated Alert: Greenhouse gas emission threshold in Santa Barbara County

Let the County Board of Supervisors know that you support the lowest threshold possible for regulating greenhouse gas emissions. This Tuesday the Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors will consider options for setting greenhouse gas (GHG) emission thresholds from stationary sources. Their decisions will impact Santa Barbara’s ability to regulate GHG emissions for generations to come.
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Updated Alert: Santa Maria Energy Project Appeal

Original Alert: On Tuesday, November 12, the County Board of Supervisors will consider our appeal of the Santa Maria Energy Project. CEC, along with EDC and others, appealed the Planning Commission’s approval of the project, as it only required a 29% mitigation of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Result: 159 people took action, helping establish Santa Barbara as an environmental leader.

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