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CEC is committed to creating a more resilient and just region in the face of climate change. Through our work with the Central Coast Climate Justice Network and elsewhere, our vision includes an end to racial injustices and their resulting environmental inequities.

About the Climate Resilience Roundtables

CEC is organizing a series of roundtables in 2019-2020 to address issues related to climate resilience and adaptation for Santa Barbara County. The roundtables will be organized around the identified threats from the Fourth California Climate Change Assessment: sea level rise, heavy precipitation events, temperature increase, increased wildfire, drought, and decreasing snow pack and water supply. We will examine these threats through the lens of public and mental health, social justice, economic impacts, infrastructure vulnerabilities, and natural systems and working landscapes.

Goals of the Roundtables

Through this roundtable series, we’ll begin framing a community vision for climate resilience and adaptation for Santa Barbara County by identifying potential actions and strategies.

Our goals are to:

  • Build trust, strengthen networks, catalyze partnerships and align climate planning and resilience efforts
  • Engage important underrepresented voices and perspectives for a more cohesive community-wide approach to climate adaptation
  • Identify opportunities, gaps, critical issues and tensions in need of resolution or focus
  • Frame a collaborative vision for resilience in the face of climate, public health, social justice and other crises

How You Can Take Action

Steering committee members have included

Mimi Audelo
City of Carpinteria Emergency Services

Rachel Couch
California Coastal Conservancy

Genevieve Flores-Haro 
Mixteco Indigena Community Organizing Project (MICOP)

Aeron Arlin Genet
Santa Barbara County Air Pollution Control District

Jennifer Hernández
Community Environmental Council

Iris Kelly
Community Environmental Council

Sharyn Main
Community Environmental Council

Lucia Marquez
Central Coast Alliance United for a Sustainable Economy (CAUSE)

Monique Myers
California Sea Grant

Abe Powell
Santa Barbara Bucket Brigade

Christopher Ragland
Healing Justice: BLM SB

Theresa Romero
Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians

Michelle Sevilla
Office of Assemblymember Steve Bennett

Ashley Watkins
Santa Barbara County Sustainability Division

Garrett Wong
Santa Barbara County Sustainability Division

Sigrid Wright
Community Environmental Council

Lucas Zucker
Central Coast Alliance United for a Sustainable Economy (CAUSE)



Dune Coffee Roasters
Snoitcudorp / Joe Mahany
Mercury Press International

Please join us for the final roundtable in CEC’s series to address climate resilience in Santa Barbara County.

This free webinar will highlight the themes, values, and bold ideas generated from the year-long Climate Resilience Roundtable series – solutions that can safeguard us from the inevitable impacts of climate change and move us toward a community resilience vision. We’ll discuss:

  • Values and guiding principles needed for equitable climate resilience.
  • Top ideas and initiatives identified in the roundtable series that could be leveraged and worked on collaboratively.
  • How to align local climate resilience efforts with planning, priorities, and funding opportunities at the regional, state, and federal level.

Following the webinar, there will be a Roundtable Discussion designed for planners, practitioners, and doers interested in coalescing around key projects and themes elevated in the roundtable series. We will explore opportunities for collaboration and partnership alignment around top project ideas and ways to move toward something implementable and fundable.

ROUNDTABLE 4: Historias de resiliencia desde las primeras líneas del cambio climático / Stories of Resilience From the Frontlines of Climate Change
September 3, 2020

This free roundtable was designed to deepen the understanding of the compounding impacts of climate change and socio-economic vulnerabilities on our frontline and essential workers and indigenous cultures. Community members on the frontlines of climate and public health crises  shared their lived experiences in their native language and helped connect the dots between climate change, health, justice and indigenous knowledge. Through their stories we heard what resilience means and what is needed for a fair and equitable community response to ongoing threats.

Presented in Spanish with English interpretation.


Ana Rosa Rizo-Centino
co-creator/co-hostess of “¡Que Madre!” on KZAA 96.5FM

A former mayor of Maywood, CA and UCSB alum, Ana Rosa Rizo-Centino is a Senior Organizer with the Central Coast’s Food & Water Watch and Food & Water Action. She currently serves as President on the boards of La Casa de La Raza and the Central Coast League of Conservation Voters (CCLCV), Secretary on the board of SB Clergy and Laity United for Economic Justice (CLUE), and as a Boardmember for Santa Barbara County Action Network. She is also part of the Healing Justice collective, serves on the City of Santa Barbara Creeks Commission.

ROUNDTABLE 3: Vulnerability, Health, and Equity
August 13, 2020

ROUNDTABLE 2: Sea Level Rise & Flooding
March 4, 2020

©Jenna Driscoll / Santa Barbara Channelkeeper

Additional Resources

Presenter Videos

Introductions - Sharyn Main & Sigrid Wright, CEC

Patrick Barnard, USGS

Dave Revell, Integral Consulting and Revell Coastal

Juliano Calil, Virtual Planet Technologies

Ernesto Paredes, Yesenia DeCasaus and Monique Myers

Ashley Watkins, County of Santa Barbara

ROUNDTABLE 1: Wildfire & Smoke
November 1, 2019

Additional Resources

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