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About the Climate Resilience Roundtables

CEC is organizing a series of roundtables in 2019-2020 to address issues related to climate resilience and adaptation for Santa Barbara County. The roundtables will be organized around the identified threats from the Fourth California Climate Change Assessment: sea level rise, heavy precipitation events, temperature increase, increased wildfire, drought, and decreasing snow pack and water supply. We will examine these threats through the lens of public and mental health, social justice, economic impacts, infrastructure vulnerabilities, and natural systems and working landscapes.

Goals of the Roundtables

Through this roundtable series, we’ll begin framing a community vision for climate resilience and adaptation for Santa Barbara County by identifying potential actions and strategies.

Our goals are to:

  • Build trust, strengthen networks, catalyze partnerships and align climate planning and resilience efforts
  • Engage important underrepresented voices and perspectives for a more cohesive community-wide approach to climate adaptation
  • Identify opportunities, gaps, critical issues and tensions in need of resolution or focus
  • Frame a collaborative vision for climate and disaster resilience with actionable next steps

Project Supporters

ROUNDTABLE 1: Wildfire & Smoke - November 1, 2019

ROUNDTABLE 2: Sea Level Rise & Flooding - March 4, 2020

©Jenna Driscoll / Santa Barbara Channelkeeper

ROUNDTABLE 3: Heat - May, 2020 (tentative)

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