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  • Go solar! This can lower your electricity bill dramatically – in some cases about 90%. Purchasing a solar system is more affordable than you might think. Low electricity users have powered their house and electric car with solar systems starting around $5,000 after incentives, with financing options of 4% APR.
  • If you rent or have a roof unsuitable for solar
    • Learn about green rates for 50% or 100% renewable energy from your utility with SCE’s Green Rate or PG&E’s Solar Choice.
      • Adjust your thermostat and water heater temperatures and/or install a programmable thermostat
      • Replace old light bulbs with LEDs
      • Turn off lights when you leave a room
      • Hang out your clothes to dry
      • Reduce your energy demand and utility bills


CEC envisions a future where 100% of our homes, businesses, and cars are powered by clean, renewable, and local sources. Solar panels are a powerful grassroots tool for achieving this because it gives individuals a chance to use the clean energy of the sun.


Here are some of the specific actions CEC is taking that you can act on too.

Blueprint for Clean Energy

In CEC’s New Energy Direction: a Blueprint for Santa Barbara County, we show that the abundant availability of sun, wind and waves in our region can provide more than enough renewable energy to meet our needs, and that our region will save money in the process. Read the white paper today.

Community Choice Energy

In the New Energy Direction blueprint, Community Choice Energy (CCE) was identified as one of the most effective ways our region can collectively move off of fossil fuels. CCE programs give customers a choice in energy providers and in how their energy is produced. On June 10th, 2015, Santa Barbara County’s Board of Supervisors voted to fund a feasibility study for Community Choice Energy. Following Santa Barbara’s lead, Ventura County and San Luis Obispo County (as well as several cities) have since signed to participate in and fund this study.  Learn more at

Solarize Programs

CEC’s Solarize program makes it easier and more affordable to go solar through a group purchasing model that offers a streamlined, hassle-free process. Learn how you can participate.

Zero Net Energy Buildings

In 20 years, we want all the buildings in our region to be super efficient, generating as much energy as they use. Learn how you can help.

Solar and Wind Farms

CEC has championed the building of solar and wind farms as another solution to make our region fossil free. Learn more here.

Go Solar Resources & Blog

CEC is dedicated to helping you move to cleaner energy by providing programs to make the process simple, guides to walk you through the process, and stories of those who have made the switch. Click on any of the links below to explore these resources.


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